Serving in the Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, July 16, 2018

Well......the other side is interesting (Week #69)

Hello All!!
Elder Romero became sick on monday night, and Tuesday morning woke up a lot worse. We went to the Hospital thinking it was just a quick flu or something. NOPE! The doctor there scared the crap out of him by passing the diagnosis of ´´we are pretty sure you have Dengue!´´ The funny part about this moment was that Elder Romero, being a little bit similar in personality, have a habit of whenever something happens that is really serious or just super difficult, to take the news in an out of body experience way, and just laugh at the fact that the situation is so sucky and we have the worst luck sometimes. So when the doctor very seriously told Elder Romero that he has Dengue and could not get out of bed for the next 4 days, we both just looked at each other and laughed. Then we spent the next few days in the apartment talking about everything and more, until Friday when we went back to the hospital to see if he was better. NOPE!! The doctor said if he didnt get better before today that he was going to have to be interned in the Hospital until he improved. We laughed again.... sometimes the only thing you can do in life, is laugh at how rough things are and keep going. He seems a lot better now and were hoping for a much better update from the doctors today! Its still not confirmed that he actually had Dengue but whatever it was, it wasnt fun haha.
Also Happy Birthday to my big Bro T.J.! He turned 34 this week!!!
That was our week here in Lagoa Redonda! Hope you all are well there in the good Old Dengue free US of A!
With lots of love,
Elder Ferrell 
(just kidding T.J. i know you turned 26)

Monday, July 2, 2018

Eusébio (Week #67)

Hello all!
This week was pretty busy!
Elder Romero is awesome! Were already pretty great friends and our American filled house never has a dull moment. 
We are litterally opening a new area so thats proving a little slow as can be expected. There were missionaries working here before, but they didnt do anything, and didnt write anything in the area book because....well.....they never told anyone that they didnt have an area book. So were literally starting from 0. We have to pay 4 reals every day to just get to our area and it is a much wealthier part of Fortaleza. This is good because a lot of people have cars, and the chapel is so far from our area, that people would have to walk for 2 hours to get there on foot, and because of lack of public transportation there bascially the only way we can get people to go to church is if they have their own transport. But it also makes things a lot more slow because the wealthy are wealthy because they work and never are home, and a lot of them are a little less inviting. 
BUT the Lord has already blessed us a lot with people sincerely interested to teach!
It is so strange being part of a REAL world with a real chapel and everything! Church was soo cold yesterday!
But long story short, Its so good to be a missionary!
Love you all, have a good week!
Elder Ferrell

Monday, June 25, 2018

"There's a cat in our house!" (Week #66)

Austin Ferrell

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Hello All!
The biggest news of the week is that I got transferred to be the Zone Leader of the Leste zone. My new companion is Elder Romero from North Carolina, and were opening an area in Lagoa Redonda, Fortaleza.
I was a bit bummed to leave Horizonte, that was an incredible city there!
We will see how it goes! Im excited to finally be in an area with a real church building and a real ward! That will be interesting!
Our house has 2 companionships living there, and the other companionship are both Americans too, Elders Withers and Rogerson. Things should be pretty great!
The funniest story from this last week happened saturday night. Elder Mortensen and I were asleep, but there was a lot of noise on the street so I wasnt sleeping too great, and I woke up at 2 AM because of a cat Meaowing really loud. I thought that it was coming from outside of the front gate, so I didnt worry about it too much, and after a while it stopped. Then out of nowhere started up again but this time in our bedroom! I looked over and there was a little tiny kitten in the middle of our room just meaowing its little head off! I kinda sat there for a minute gathering the force of will to get up and throw the cat out of our house when Elder Mortensen woke up. He woke up, moved a little bit, and then gave a fast start and shouted ´´Theres a cat in our house!!´´ He always was so good at identifying a situation haha. I got up and threw the cat out the back door so it couldnt just walk back in, but then it somehow found its way alll the way around to the front of our house again and came back in and did the same thing......Elder Mortensen was not happy. Long story short, the cat ended up in a box, and I had to carry it with me fro 30 minutes after leaving to work on Sunday just to make sure it didnt wander back to our home!
Thats about it for the week!
Hope everyone is well!
Elder Ferrell

1) Ward activity last saturday

2) The cat....

3) Saying goodbyes to recent converts

4) Lunch with the new crew!

Monday, June 18, 2018

The World Cup (Week #65)


Hello all! I´m gonna be real with everyone, while the World cup is cool, and I would be loving this stuff outside of a mission, right now it is just a major distraction! 
It is very cool to be in the atmosphere of it all. Brasil gets pretty lit for the cup, everyone as streamers going across the street, everyone is selling brasil jerseys, and you can hear fireworks going off basically every 5 minutes. Its cool for the expericence, but yesterday Brasil played their first gaime at 3 PM....our church meeting starts at 4 PM.... That one was a little rough haha. BUT it was incredible to see the Lord work miracles. 
Because of the game of Brasil yesterday, we only had 2 of the 6 people waiting to be confirmed actually get confirmed. The other 4 werent allowed to go to church because they were either at home with a lot of family visiting and their parents wanted them to stay with family, or their parents didnt want them to leave their house because its super dangerous here while there is a Brasil game because well.....people dont thing as clearly as normal. So that was a bit rough. 
But now the miracles! It was impossible to stay sad about the confirmations when we arrived in church and had more people in church this week during the Brasil church than last week!!!! On top of that there were 8 less active members who came to church yesterday that was the first time Elder Mortensen and I had even seen them in church! 
The biggest miracle of all was the Baptism of Ingrid which happened yesterday...
Ingrid is the kind of person that when you look at, it could be easy to judge just because of her situation. She always was with her group of friends that hang out at a mini gang hideout. She was always surrounded with lots of alchohol, drugs, and all kinds of iniquity, but luckily we have a loving Father in heaven who truly prepares his children to receive his gospel! Ingrid is the sister of Ana Clezia, our recent convert who got married and baptised a few weeks ago. We want to teach and baptise the entire family of...well...everyone, so we started teaching Ingride 3 weeks ago. Starting with the first lesson when she cried during the closing prayer we knew she was one of Gods Elect. The more we taught her, the more greatful we were that we didnt just pass her by because of the way things looked from the outside. We found out she had never drank in her life, never used drugs, and basically was already living all of the commandments outside of going to church on Sunday. Every lesson we taught here she started crying in her prayers, and always thanked God for what was happening in her life right now. We found out that the group of ´´friends´´ she is always with are actually family that she wants to help. Yesterday she was baptised and literally was so happy afterwards!
Take that Satan!
Hope you guys all have a good week this week, and as far as the world cup is concerned, may the best Brasil team win!

Elder Ferrell

1) Ingrid´s Baptism

2) Elder Mortensen

3) Every street in Brasil Right Now

4) Inacio´s Birthday Saturday

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Busy Life (Week #64)

Hello All!
This last week was really busy!
Tuesday we had Mission Leadership Council that went really well! It was cool because Elder Passos, the first missionary I trained, is a Zone Leader now too so we got to catch up a little bit with each other.
After that, Wednesday and Thursday we did 2 splits with companionships in our zone that were having a bit of difficulty, and those went really well. Friday and Saturday were normal days, then Sunday morning we had 5 baptisms!!!! After the baptisms we ate lunch and then we went on a split with members so that I could acompany 2 of our recent converts, Rogerio and Elizaldo, to Pacajus to be interviewed by the Stake presidente to receive the Melkesideque priesthood. (yes, i dont know how to spell Melkesideque) and Elder Mortensen could still accompany our investigators to bring them to Stake conference that happened in Pacajus yesterday. Long story short everything worked out, and they are now ordained elders and we had a wonderful stake conference! One cool thing was that the Stake Presidente told us that the stake is going to be divided and they are going to create a new stake here with our ward and a couple of other wards close to Fortaleza! 

The biggest story from the week though were our baptisms from yesterday. They were from 2 families. 3 were the step children of a less active member we found a few weeks ago. Yesterday we baptised everyone in that house that could be baptised right now and are excited to work with the parents here in the future to reactivate or baptise them! The other 2 were part of the lords Elect to be sure! It was a brother and sister who we met 3 weeks ago. The young man, Inacio, was soo excited about the gospel. He started to read the Book of Mormon every day, he loved church, he always is excited to know more, and is really set on serving a mission when he turns 18 now! He was soo excited to get baptised that he almost cannonballed into the baptismal font when it was his turn to be baptised! His sister, Ingride, is really shy and almost never says anything, so while we already knew that Inacio was really excited about the church, we had no idea what she would say to the invitation to be baptised, but when we asked, ´´Ingride do you want to be baptised too´´ the word YES flew out of her mouth before we had even finished talking! Their mom was soo happy for them to get baptised!

It truly was a week of miracles this last week! 

Love you all have a good week up there!

Elder Ferrell

1) Baptism of Bruno (from last week, first time his dad, Rogerio, baptised)

2) Baptisms of Eduarda, Emily, Marcelo, Inacio, and Ingride

3) Elder Passos with all the tall Elders on the Mission

Monday, June 4, 2018

Real Fast... (Week #63)

Hey everyone!
This last week passed by fast!
The biggest news is that yesterday we had the baptism of Bruno. He is the son of Rogerio, the guy who got married and baptised last week! Rogerio received the Preisthood yesterday so he was able to baptise Bruno! It got a little complicated because Bruno was affraid of water, but it all worked out in the end.
Actually it was a little funny because the baptism had already started and Elder Mortensen leaned over and asked if I had certainty that Rogeiro had officially received the Priesthood already. I figured it was a good question so I went to sit by bishop to ask. Bishop was there participating in the Baptismal service, but its good we asked because when I said it, Bishop called Rogerio into his office to officially give him the authority to baptise his son....not a tradicional day but it all worked out!
Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Ferrell

Monday, May 28, 2018

Extra Extra! Read all about it! (Week #62)

Hello world!
Well I have two peices of interesting news, and I will start with the good part! This last saturday Ana Clezia and Rogerio got married and baptised!!!! They were confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting, and Rogerio is now preparing to receive the Priesthood, and their entire family is preparing to be sealed in the temple 1 Year from now!!!
Its these kinds of moments that keeps us missionaries going!
The other part of the good news is last sunday, my first area, Quixeramobim, was officially made into a Branch, and I am 90 % sure that one of my Recent Converts there, Isidio, is part of the Branch Presidency! What an exciting week!
In other news. All the Truckers here decided to go on strike because Gasoline is around 20 Reals a gallon here (imagine gas being 20$ a gallon in the US!?) But the thing is that Brasil Exports a lot of Gasoline to other contries so the Truckers wouldnt have it. They have currently barricaded the Freeway going into fortaleza, so that makes travel a little rough, and none of the gas stations here in Horizonte have gas because its too expensive for them to buy. The biggest concern is that there also is not any food shippments being made, so none of the stores can restock on supplies.
Its getting interesting!!! No need to worry, there still is Pleanty of food here, and as our Bishop said: ´´When the world cup starts everyone will just go home anyways´´ so itll all work out!
Thats about it for the week I hope you are all doing well!
Elder Ferrell

All pictures are from the wedding and Baptism of Ana Clezia and Rogerio!
They both do basically MMA, thats whey the wedding topper with the boxing gloves was a classic. Side Note: Missionaries get really truncky at weddings