Serving in the Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, June 19, 2017

3 Months In!! (Week #12)

Hello Again!
This week was awesome! My time in Fortaleza was fantastic! I got to help out around the mission office for the week and learn more about what the secretaries do. There is one secretary named Elder Segae who is from Utah and we got along really well and had a great time! While I was there I got to go to the ward there that the secretaries go to, which was also an awesome experience! (It feels weird going to a full wards sacrament meeting after our little sacrament group meetings in Quixeramobim!) It was the wards Ward Conference that Sunday so the Stake President was there, and this was cool because I was friends with his son, Elder Heculano, in the Provo MTC! I went up and introduced myself to him and later on his wife, and they were so nice it was awesome! Then later that week one of the secretaries came into the office I was in and told me I had visitors. Very confused as to why I had visitors when I myself was a visitor, I went up to the front and there they were! They had come to visit me and brought a palm frond fishermans bag full of treats and other snacks. It was the nicest thing and honestly made my week! (I will send a picture with them as soon as I can figure out a way to send pictures here in Quixeramobim…still working on that)
In other news, Fortaleza was even more awesome because I got to go to burger king one day and have Vanilla Ice cream…. This was significant. Wednesday night we had a bunch of other Elders come because we all had a Zone Conference on Thursday. That was really cool, the mission ordered pizza for all of us and we all just talked with each other. The actual Zone conference was Awesome, and afterwards We returned here to Quixeramobim!
Yesterday was cool because we had 7 investigators come to church, and one of them is really excited to get baptized this week! Other than that its like I was never even gone here, and its good to get back to work! And we found out last night that we are getting an additional set of Elders here this week! They arrive on Thursday! We spent all morning cleaning to prepare for them….were a little worried about 4 elders in our tiny apartment with one bathroom but oh well! Should be fun!
One funny story from this last week was when we went to visit one of our recent converts, and I was taking the lead and sharing the message. We started off and everything was going well, and I asked her to read three scriptures in the bible I really liked. She read them and afterwards just kinda looked strange. I kept going with the message and then passed it to Elder Paixao and he shared his testimony, we closed, and left. So here is the funny part: After we left, Elder Paixao said that he didn’t think I shared the right scriptures, and started laughing because apparently the ones she read not only did not go with what I was talking about, but also just did not make sense in general. I got home that night and went to my English bible to check and sure enough, I had shared with her scriptures in 1st corrinthians when I had meant to share ones in second corrinthians…we had a good laugh about that, and now every time I go to share a scripture in Portuguese elder Paixao askes if I have the right one.
So to close, my spiritual thought for this week is found in SECOND Corrinthians (I know that isn’t spelled right I am sorry) Chapter 4 verses 8 through 10. (2 Corrinthians 4:8-10)
The greatest part about the Gospel of Christ is the perspective it gives us. We do not need to dwell on the negative aspects of life because we know that there is purpose in everything, and all trials and tribulations will last but a moment in the grand scheme of things.
I love and miss you all, and hope you have an excellent week!
Elder Ferrell

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