Serving in the Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, June 5, 2017

The one where Elder Ferrell gets Deported (Week #10)

Are those extra pounds Just weighing you down!? Brazil hás Just the thing for you! Its called the city of Quixeromobim! Where you Will lose weight at a very unhealthy rate, but Love it anyways!
Greetings everyone! This last week was a little bit rough due to a severe stomach vírus that prevented Elder Paixao and I from working for two days straight, and is the cause for me having lost 8 (EIGHT) Kilograms in 3 and a half weeks here in Brazil. (Thats close to 17 pounds I think). BUT the amazing thing about Brazil and Heavenly Father is that it was still a great week! We had multiple miracles take place, I got a Picture with the Military Police here (which not gonna lie I was terrified about) and the weather was quite excellent!
The illness started on Sunday, and got progressivly worse to where I couldnt eat. On Thursday it got pretty rough, and I did not show a lot of improvement Friday so Elder Paixao and I spent the Day Friday in the hospital here which.....well I never liked hospitals in the United States, I mean Who does? But Kaiser Permanente ohh how I miss you! But they helped me a lot and Saturday I felt much better and have been consistently improving since then.
The awesome part about last week was even though we could not work very much because I was sick, the lord sent people to us! Almost every Day last week we had someone come up to us and say they were Baptized in another city somewhere in Brasil (Usually Fortaleza) and didnt know that the church was here in Quixeramobim, and that they wanted to start going to church again! It was truly incredible.
As to the Picture with the Police de Military (Raio)...I was terrified. We were walking back from the pharmacy after buying some medicine for me and they were parked on the side of the street taking a break. I whispered to Elder Paixao ´´this is our chance´´ more as a joke, but that brave man walked right up to the four of them and I stood proudly a safe distance behind him. After some general small talk of asking them for directions to a place that we Will never go (its a good way to start conversations here because its clear I AM not a local) He told them that I was na american and wanted a photo. They Said Yes and all got out their burretts and Sun glasses and I got the greatest Picture with them!
Now as to why the subject is what it is this week;
Next week there is a 80% chance that I Will be writing you from my new assignment in the United States of America, as my visa Expires this Friday, and the secretaries are having a lot of issues with the consolate in São Paulo. So come this Wednesday IF we havent heard back from São Paulo, I Will be deported on Friday! Its all Just one big adventure, and I AM very shady on the details because the people that are keeping me informed only speak portuguese. In truth I Will be very sad, because one month hás been all I needed to fall in Love with Brazil. BUT, already in this short time, IF there is one thing I have learned it is that god hás an exact plan for every single person here, so where ever i end up, I know it Will be Gods Will.
I hope you all are doing as excellent as I AM because on a scale of 1-10 I AM about a 25. It is incredible seeing yourself chance as you come to think more about others rather than yourself.
I pray for you all every Day, and in case this email was not clear due to my time restraints in writing it: I AM incredibly blessed by the lord, I AM completely healthy now, and I AM not in the least bit worried about where He might send me. I was called to serve a mission, and was ASSIGNED to Brazil. If that assignment changes, my calling does not.
I Love you all and hope you have an excellent week.
Elder Ferrell

I am still working on the pictures issue, I think I will be able to find a way to email them to my mom and have her forward them to the group. My appologies for the lack of visual stimulation!

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