Serving in the Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, August 7, 2017

I´m a Dad? (Its a mission term) (Week #20)

Hello Everyone!
This last week was a mix of Incredible and Sad. Tuesday, about an hour before my bus left for Fortaleza, we found out that my recent convert whom I had just baptized on Sunday was arrested. There is still confusion as to whether he actually did anything wrong, but because he was arrested he was fired from his job, and has not been home for us to speak to him all week, and personally I feel like he really does not want to speak to us. Soo that was definitely not the most awesome thing in the world, BUT:
On Wednesday a met my new companion! His name is Elder Passos from Rio de Ganeiro, and he is awesome! On a mission, they call a missionary you train your ´´son´´ and your trainer is your ´´father´´ of the mission, which is partially a joke but also partially a truth because when new missionaries arrive they are very lost with so much to learn and so much to adjust to. So elder Passos is my first son here in Brazil! We did training on Wednesday and returned here to Quixeramobim on Thursday.
The week itself was pretty normal except for the fact that God definitely has blessed us with miracles. The first miracle was with my Portuguese! I wasn’t at all nervous to train a new missionary, but I was a bit nervous about communication in general. But from the moment they announced Elder Passos as my companion I have been able to understand almost everything in Portugues, and speak a lot more as well. This is just a confirmation to me that when God calls you to the work, if you put your faith in him he will always bless you with what you need to succeed.
Then yesterday we closed a baptism for a married couple we have been working with for over a month. They are awesome, and it was incredible because yesterday the Husband stood up and bore his testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting! That was truely special.
I hope everyone there has had an incredible week, and that this coming week will be just as good!
I love and miss you all,
Elder Ferrell

Monday, July 31, 2017

Transfers (Week #19)

Hello all!
This last week was awesome! We went for all you can eat pizza last wednesday night which was awesome! Then Yesterday I baptized the first person here in Brazil that I actually contacted myself, and helped teach all the lessons to. His name is Junior, and we met him less than two weeks ago! He was definitly a miracle, and someone God put in our path because he really needs the gospel in his life, and he has already changed so much!
Tomorrow I will travel for Fortaleza because I have been called to train a new missionary which is weird! President rarely calls brand new missionaries to train, and I just finished my own training last week so it is a huge honor that president has that kind of faith in me.
Thats all for now! Everything here is awesome! Hope you all are well, and I will write more next week!
Elder Ferrell

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 18! (Actually week 17!!)

Hello All!
This last week was truly incredible! We put our noses to the grind stone here and worked, and ended up finding a young man who not only is very receptive to the gospel, but after speaking with him and hearing about his family struggles it is clear to me that God put him in our path because he needs the comfort of the gospel more than anything right now. Beyond this, We had an investigator named Ezidio, and his wife Kristine. They are an interesting couple to be sure, and when we first started teaching them three weeks ago, we came close to moving on to other investigators because Ezidio was not following any of our invitations. But we kept on visiting them because his wife, Kristine, was actually reading the Book of Mormon on her own! We kept teaching them, and Kristine kept reading the book of mormon and asking questions but she didn’t seem very interested even still. Then that Sunday, Ezidio surprised us by coming to church! So we kept on teaching them, another week passed by, and they were still in the same place, not very interested but Kristine again was still reading so we kept coming. And again that Sunday, Ezidio surprised us by showing up for church, but Kristine wouldn’t come. This last week started off the same. On Wednesdaywhen we asked Ezidio about church he said he wouldn’t go because he had his 50th birthday this Sunday (Yesterday) and he had family coming. We understood and kept visiting. Friday Morning, things were different. We arrived and Kristine was really cheerful and happy, and had some great questions about the book of Mormon. We asked Ezidio about his plans for his Birthday and he said he decided he was going to go to church! Then they invited us to have lunch with them on his birthday! (Not important, but the food in that lunch was incredible!) In this lunch he told us that he wanted to drink beer for his birthday but decided not to! Then He came to church that day, and after the church meeting tolda Janhuson, our group leader here, that he knew everything was true and that he wanted to bring his wife and family! It is truly incredible to see the Gospel Changeing him!
Then in Church yesterday we had 32 people! if you remember my first week here we had around 14 People in church. To have 32 yesterday was a miracle and true evidence that god is working here. 
Those are the most important parts of my week!
I hope you all are well!
Elder Ferrell

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Good Week! (#16)

Hello World!
It has been an awesome week here in the Easy Bake oven of Brazil! We had a zone conference in Fortaleza on Thursday, which meant we had to travel to Fortaleza on Wednesday, and Tuesdays we don’t have much time to work because of weekly planning and English Class, and Monday was P Day, so last week we really were only able to work 2 days before Sunday. BUT, with just these two days of work, our numbers were better than the entire week before!
Yesterday, church was a miracle indeed! Every week we generally have members from the Branch in Quixada visit to help us with sacrament meeting, but here everyone is on summer break from school, and a lot of people are traveling, so we found out at lunch yesterday nobody from Quixada was going to come! This was after only having two days to work this week, and we knew that some of our members here and some of our investigators who visit every Sunday (just waiting to get married for baptism) were out of town as well. Generally in sacrament meeting here we have around 23 people, and this is with 8-10 people from Quixada. Well yesterday we had 17 people in church, with just 2 days of work, no one from Quixada, and 7 people who usually frequent gone. It was incredible. In past weeks, there have been times where I have been caught up in how hard things are, with my health, with the sun, with my companion, and with the Language, that I have also at times forgotten how incredibly lucky I am to be here, and to take part in the building of the lords kingdom here in Quixeramobim. It is truly incredible.
That’s about it for last week! I hope you all are well and I wish you the best!
With lots of love,
Elder Ferrell

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello All! (Week #15)

Hello My Friends!
This last week was incredible! I spent Monday and Tuesday in Fortaleza working things out with my Visa, and I think it is all taken care of now which is a relief! Then we returned here to Quixeramobim late Tuesday Night accompanied by our Zone leaders, and Wednesday went on splits with them which was fun. Throughout the entire week we were focusing on doing whatever we could to teach more by the spirit and it really made a difference! On Friday we went to teach the Grandmother of one of our investigators Who is 15 years old. We have been teaching her for about two weeks now, but her Grandmother wouldnt let her go to church because she didnt believe that she was actually going to go to church. So Friday we went to try and smooth things over with the Grandma and Explain why were there and what we were doing, and we were really nervous because our investigator told us that her Grandma was really Catholic, and here that generally translates into were about to have some lady screaming at us how aweful our church is. But we walked up to the house and she was sitting out in front reading a church pamphlet on the Restoration! She invited us in and started talking to us, then started crying because she explained that she was affraid of dying. We were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation, and it was Just an incredible experience! It is true evidence that Gods Prepares people to recieve our message!
Other than that nothing is new here, Just the same old grind as the Sun slowly but surely cooks my skin, and the mosquitos consume me one (more like 50) bites at a time! Haha I hope everyone there is having a good Summer. Have a good week!
Elder Ferrell

1) My Brasil Family!

2) Bannanas Here

3) The first tie I made

Monday, July 3, 2017

God Bless America (Week #14)

Hello All!
Happy 4th of July! (one day early). The fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays so I wish you all the best! I will start my email this week with my spiritual message rather than end with it. My message this week is very in line with the time of the season. I would like to invite all of you to take a moment tomorrow and read the talk titled Faith, Fairness, and Religious Freedom by Elder Rasband. It is truly inspirational, and gets the ´´I love America´´ Juices flowing! Please remember that we are all truly blessed to have the freedom to decide which path of enlightenment we choose to follow, and we are forever indebted to those who fight for and protect this freedom in any capacity, because without the freedom of religion America would not be anywhere close to what is today.
As for this week, It was rather slow! I am writing you all from Fortaleza once again, as I once again had to travel out here to work on things with my visa. The start of last week was pretty rough because due to a bad headcold I lost my voice entirely. If you think its hard teaching in another language, try whispering your teachings in another language. It was pretty rough. But it brought back good memories of every time my mom lost her voice back home and the whole house would whisper to her to tease her about it. I miss you Mom!
The language is starting to come a lot faster now, although God is always excellent at humbling us when we need it. Last week I was getting more comfortable with the words, and was starting to be able to speak a lot more fluidly, but naturally one thing I did not think of was that my American Accent is very strong. One day we were teaching later in the week once my voice had finally started to return, and I started speaking about the Plan of Salvation when a little girl turned to her mom and asked her if I was speaking in English….nice.
The new elders are great, It is a lot better having other people to talk to after returning home from a long day of teaching, and we are able to help each other a lot more with practicing.
Other than that there was not much news from last week. Here´s to hoping my visa comes through today, and here is to wishing you all a Happy 4th, and America a Happy Birthday!
Love you all,
Elder Ferrell

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week...I am starting to lose count! (Week #13)

Hello All!
It was a pretty quiet week here in Quixeramobim! The work progressed as normal, and the sun is ever so hot! One cool thing though is we had two new Elders arrived last Thursday! Both of them are also from Sao Paulo and so I am living with three Brazillians from Sao Paulo, which is interesting! They all want me to choose to root for their soccer team, the Corintiens, but I keep telling them I need to discover for myself which out of all the teams is true. I also have made sure to put my American Flags up all over our apartment and say the pledge of allegiance for them frequently, and one day I am sure they will say it with me.
In other news, I started learning how to make ties last week! I thought it was going to be really really hard, but there is an elder here in our Mission who makes ties and said he just taught himself while he was out here in the field, so that’s what I wanted to do! Last P day I went and bough fabric and went to work, and its actually turned out pretty nice! I should finish it today!
Not much else has happened since last week. It is much easier having Elders here to split the city with, and Elder Paixao and I are able to use our time much more affectively I feel. It has been difficult at first because we gave the new Elders the areas we had been focusing on so that they had a place to start. This was awesome for them and they hit the ground running, but was more difficult for us because we haven’t worked much in our area now before last week, so we are having to build a whole new list of investigators. This is good though, and we can definitely feel the spirit guiding us as we teach!
I hope everyone back in the good US of A is having an excellent week, and a belated fathers day to all those awesome dads back home, especially my own!
I miss you all, enjoy your summer and I will speak with you again next week!

Elder Ferrell​​

1)English Class

 2) Food trucks in Quixeramobim (gets me every time)

3) Quixeramobim Brazil

4) My Rede! (Hammock)

Monday, June 19, 2017

3 Months In!! (Week #12)

Hello Again!
This week was awesome! My time in Fortaleza was fantastic! I got to help out around the mission office for the week and learn more about what the secretaries do. There is one secretary named Elder Segae who is from Utah and we got along really well and had a great time! While I was there I got to go to the ward there that the secretaries go to, which was also an awesome experience! (It feels weird going to a full wards sacrament meeting after our little sacrament group meetings in Quixeramobim!) It was the wards Ward Conference that Sunday so the Stake President was there, and this was cool because I was friends with his son, Elder Heculano, in the Provo MTC! I went up and introduced myself to him and later on his wife, and they were so nice it was awesome! Then later that week one of the secretaries came into the office I was in and told me I had visitors. Very confused as to why I had visitors when I myself was a visitor, I went up to the front and there they were! They had come to visit me and brought a palm frond fishermans bag full of treats and other snacks. It was the nicest thing and honestly made my week! (I will send a picture with them as soon as I can figure out a way to send pictures here in Quixeramobim…still working on that)
In other news, Fortaleza was even more awesome because I got to go to burger king one day and have Vanilla Ice cream…. This was significant. Wednesday night we had a bunch of other Elders come because we all had a Zone Conference on Thursday. That was really cool, the mission ordered pizza for all of us and we all just talked with each other. The actual Zone conference was Awesome, and afterwards We returned here to Quixeramobim!
Yesterday was cool because we had 7 investigators come to church, and one of them is really excited to get baptized this week! Other than that its like I was never even gone here, and its good to get back to work! And we found out last night that we are getting an additional set of Elders here this week! They arrive on Thursday! We spent all morning cleaning to prepare for them….were a little worried about 4 elders in our tiny apartment with one bathroom but oh well! Should be fun!
One funny story from this last week was when we went to visit one of our recent converts, and I was taking the lead and sharing the message. We started off and everything was going well, and I asked her to read three scriptures in the bible I really liked. She read them and afterwards just kinda looked strange. I kept going with the message and then passed it to Elder Paixao and he shared his testimony, we closed, and left. So here is the funny part: After we left, Elder Paixao said that he didn’t think I shared the right scriptures, and started laughing because apparently the ones she read not only did not go with what I was talking about, but also just did not make sense in general. I got home that night and went to my English bible to check and sure enough, I had shared with her scriptures in 1st corrinthians when I had meant to share ones in second corrinthians…we had a good laugh about that, and now every time I go to share a scripture in Portuguese elder Paixao askes if I have the right one.
So to close, my spiritual thought for this week is found in SECOND Corrinthians (I know that isn’t spelled right I am sorry) Chapter 4 verses 8 through 10. (2 Corrinthians 4:8-10)
The greatest part about the Gospel of Christ is the perspective it gives us. We do not need to dwell on the negative aspects of life because we know that there is purpose in everything, and all trials and tribulations will last but a moment in the grand scheme of things.
I love and miss you all, and hope you have an excellent week!
Elder Ferrell

Saturday, June 10, 2017

We Interrupt your regularly scheduled emails... (Week #11)

Hello All!
I am sending an email outside of my regular email cycle because I am in Fortaleza for the next few days staying with the mission secretaries, and their P-Days are split, half on Saturday mornings, and half on Monday afternoon. So We are emailing now!
I actually still do not know about what is happening with my deportation, but I am assuming that since I am still here, God pulled of a miracle and I will get to stay in Brazil!
This week was a bit rough, which is why I am here in Fortaleza! I felt much better on Sunday and Monday of this week, and so thought I was over the illness that had been bothering me, but this was not the case. Tuesday and Wednesday were both rough days yet again, and it came to a peak on Thursday. Elder Paixao called President Leite to tell him that I was feeling sick again, and President told me that he wanted me to come to Fortaleza for a few days so that I could go to the Hospital here. So that’s what we did!
Yesterday I went to the Hospital which compared to my experience with the so called hospital in Quixeromobim, my faith in modern medicine has been restored! It was a much better experience, but at the same time traumatic and something that I would like to never again speak of. The nicest way to explain things is that they discovered some issues with my intestines and had to clean them out….
They gave me some perscriptions to take so now we will just wait and hope that they work! But I am feeling much better, and being in Fortaleza alone is helping me a lot to just remember that there still is modern civilization in the world!
Other than this there is nothing new for me to talk about, the Fortaleza trip is the main event this week!I am here staying in Fortaleza and one of the Secretaries went back to Quixeromobim with Elder Paixao for the next few days. I am feeling much better and they are taking excellent care of me here, and its kind of cool because I am learning what the secretaries do here in the office!
For a spiritual thought, I would like to invite everyone to read the church magazine article by Quintine L Cook called ´´Act well your Part´´ (Hopefully that title sounds a little familiar to some of you). Elder Cooks remarks in this article are excellent and have some fantastic steps to help us all understand how we can be better representatives of Christ in our own lives.
I hope you all are well, and I leave you with my testimony that I know God and Jesus Christ live and help us in every aspect of our lives. They know and love each and every one of us.
Until a week from next Monday my friends.
Elder Ferrell 

1) The Baptism of Tatianie

2) The Military Police of Brazil

3) My new Hammock!

4) English Class!

Monday, June 5, 2017

The one where Elder Ferrell gets Deported (Week #10)

Are those extra pounds Just weighing you down!? Brazil hás Just the thing for you! Its called the city of Quixeromobim! Where you Will lose weight at a very unhealthy rate, but Love it anyways!
Greetings everyone! This last week was a little bit rough due to a severe stomach vírus that prevented Elder Paixao and I from working for two days straight, and is the cause for me having lost 8 (EIGHT) Kilograms in 3 and a half weeks here in Brazil. (Thats close to 17 pounds I think). BUT the amazing thing about Brazil and Heavenly Father is that it was still a great week! We had multiple miracles take place, I got a Picture with the Military Police here (which not gonna lie I was terrified about) and the weather was quite excellent!
The illness started on Sunday, and got progressivly worse to where I couldnt eat. On Thursday it got pretty rough, and I did not show a lot of improvement Friday so Elder Paixao and I spent the Day Friday in the hospital here which.....well I never liked hospitals in the United States, I mean Who does? But Kaiser Permanente ohh how I miss you! But they helped me a lot and Saturday I felt much better and have been consistently improving since then.
The awesome part about last week was even though we could not work very much because I was sick, the lord sent people to us! Almost every Day last week we had someone come up to us and say they were Baptized in another city somewhere in Brasil (Usually Fortaleza) and didnt know that the church was here in Quixeramobim, and that they wanted to start going to church again! It was truly incredible.
As to the Picture with the Police de Military (Raio)...I was terrified. We were walking back from the pharmacy after buying some medicine for me and they were parked on the side of the street taking a break. I whispered to Elder Paixao ´´this is our chance´´ more as a joke, but that brave man walked right up to the four of them and I stood proudly a safe distance behind him. After some general small talk of asking them for directions to a place that we Will never go (its a good way to start conversations here because its clear I AM not a local) He told them that I was na american and wanted a photo. They Said Yes and all got out their burretts and Sun glasses and I got the greatest Picture with them!
Now as to why the subject is what it is this week;
Next week there is a 80% chance that I Will be writing you from my new assignment in the United States of America, as my visa Expires this Friday, and the secretaries are having a lot of issues with the consolate in São Paulo. So come this Wednesday IF we havent heard back from São Paulo, I Will be deported on Friday! Its all Just one big adventure, and I AM very shady on the details because the people that are keeping me informed only speak portuguese. In truth I Will be very sad, because one month hás been all I needed to fall in Love with Brazil. BUT, already in this short time, IF there is one thing I have learned it is that god hás an exact plan for every single person here, so where ever i end up, I know it Will be Gods Will.
I hope you all are doing as excellent as I AM because on a scale of 1-10 I AM about a 25. It is incredible seeing yourself chance as you come to think more about others rather than yourself.
I pray for you all every Day, and in case this email was not clear due to my time restraints in writing it: I AM incredibly blessed by the lord, I AM completely healthy now, and I AM not in the least bit worried about where He might send me. I was called to serve a mission, and was ASSIGNED to Brazil. If that assignment changes, my calling does not.
I Love you all and hope you have an excellent week.
Elder Ferrell

I am still working on the pictures issue, I think I will be able to find a way to email them to my mom and have her forward them to the group. My appologies for the lack of visual stimulation!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 4? 5? It's hard to keep track! (Week #9 on Mission, #3 in Brazil!)

Hellllooo U.S.A.!
This week was HOT! But other wise not at all bad! We had a lot of awesome teaching experiences and met a lot of really cool people! Last Monday we went to Fortaleza for the Day because I needed to GO to the Police Office and get a permanent visa. The Day in fortaleza was great! The part where I was supposed to get my visa....not so great! The church accidentally made a mistake with the paperwork they gave me before I left for Brazil, and so now we have to GO through this long drawn out process of getting na official document from the American Embassy here that says something along the lines of ´´Do not worry this Guy is chill´´ (Thats not an exact translation) Before I can get my visa, and all of this hás to happen before June 9th or I get that might be interesting!
In other news, I started teaching English last week which was cool! It made me feel a little bit better about how difficult portuguese is for me right now! I have two classes I teach, one meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and hás around 25 people in it, the other only meets Saturday Mornings and hás around 35 people in it. Everyone is awesome and it is a different experience for sure!
One funny story from the week was when we were vistiting a recent convert. My Companion and her were talking casually, then Elder Paixao asked her IF she would say the opening prayer. I am not sure what she Said, because I still cannot understand what people are saying in portuguese, so I was Just sitting quietly waiting for her and Elder Paixao to stop talking and for us to say the opening prayer. Well while I was waiting quietly for this, I say the members sister down the hallway, and so I called out a cheerful greeting to her with the intent of inviting her to join the lesson. Well when I did this the member Just burst out laughing and my companion gave me the look of ´´umm are you serious bro?´´ It turns out that they had not Just been talking, the member had Said Yes to saying the opening prayer and started right into it, so I did not realize that I was Just calling out in the middle of her prayer....Awkward.
Last piece of news is we baptized an awesome new member yesterday named Tatianie Who seems really excited about the church! Were up to 20 members here now!
Hope you all have a good week, and I want to leave you with my testimony that I know that God and Jesus Christ live, and that every Trial we face here on earth is to make us stronger. Finally, please never forget how personally and tenderly Jesus Christ loves every single one of you!
With lots of Love,
Elder Ferrell

 I am sorry I still cannot figure out how to send pictures here in Quixeramobim, hopefully will have more next week!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Is it even Winter yet? (Week #8)

Hello World!
So, week two was definitely better than week one. It was a little rough on Thursday because I came down with a headcold (I feel like Brazil is treating my immune system like a punching bag, but ohh weelll)
On Saturday we had what was my first baptism here in Quixeramobim. His name is Robson (hobson) and he is awesome! It was strange because on Friday afternoon Elder Paixao and I had to go to where we had the baptism and ´´clean´´ the water, which meant we used a bucket to bail out the top few inches of things floating….definitly a different experience, but all went well and he was confirmed Yesterday in church!
I am loving the food here in brazil. They have this magical thing called Dim-Dim (Jin-Jin) that is like heaven on earth. Basically it is like a fruit flavored ice cream pop, but the fruit down here is soo good, so these things are literally addicting. Elder Paixao told me they are easy to make so we are going to start making them ourselves so we have a steady supply. Wednesdays are cool here because we get to go to another city, Quixada, for District meetings, and that was cool!
The language is coming very slowly. It is still very difficult having an entire city of people who want to talk to you but you cannot communicate, but hopefully in comes sooner rather than later! Tomorrow I start teaching a community English class that has 55 people signed up for it….We will see how that goes. I am not sure if all these people actually want to learn English, or if they just want to come and see the only white boy in the city talk funny, but either way It will be an adventure!
As far as lessons learned this week, the main one is that you only forget Sunscreen once in Brazil. The sun here is brutal! Luckilly I did not get burned too bad…..or maybe I did and the sun screen just doesn’t work because my skin is a seemingly permanent shade of red, but still. I have lost 3 kilograms already in the last two weeks….I have no Idea how much weight that actually is because I cannot look up the conversion factor for kilos to pounds…but judging by the way people react when they hear this I am guessing it’s a lot for two weeks.
Other than that nothing very exciting happened this last week!
I hope you all are doing well! Until next time friends.
Love you all,
Elder Ferrell

1) My Mission President, his wife, and I

2-3) Quixeramobim Brazil

4) Elder Paixao and I

Monday, May 15, 2017

"Elder, that is not the Language I learned in the MTC!?" (Week 7)

May 15, 2017

Ola America!

Week one in Brazil was quite interesting! My last Sunday at the mtc was a little sad because I had to say goodbye to all my friends there, but come Monday morning I barely had time to think about it! I spent all Day and night Monday, and most of the Day on Tuesday traveling. One cool part was that even though I thought I would be alone on all of my flights, I actually was not at all! I ended up flying from Salt Lake to São Paulo with an Elder Who was returning to the Field after having to come home for family issues, so that was Nice, and then in the São Paulo airport I met up with a bunch of missionaries going to my same mission that were all coming from the São Paulo MTC.
(Quick note: in America spell check would let me know whenever I spelled a Word wouldn´t really correct it, and mosto f the time neither would I, but at least I knew....Well, in Brazil they also have spell check that is aligned with the Portuguese language. So the two things I apologize for are the many misspellings which I´m sure are coming your way, and IF the computer corrects a Word to a portuguese Word and I do not catch it, its not that I AM alread that good at the language that I don´t even realize it...its the computer)
Anyways, upon arriving here in Fortaleza, our Mission President and his wife were there to meet us, along with all the STLs and the Assistants to the President. We all took pictures and then all the new missionaries loaded up into a van and went to drop our luggage off at the appartment we were staying in that night. (Not at all important, but there were goats in the street and it was funny. Even the brazillian missionaries were trying to take pictures of it and that made feel better for thinking how strange it was.) We then went to the mission home where we were again greeted by our President and all the Mission Home Missionaries singing our mission Hymn to us which was cool! We then ate lunch and had a lot of safety meetings like what to eat and so forth. After that we went to the Presidents house for dinner and He Sat and played guitar for us for a while, then we had a testimony meeting. Wednesday we had training at the church which was Nice because the church had Air Conditioning. I. Love. Air. Conditioning. Anyays, we were introduced to our trainers, mine is a Brazillian Elder named Elder Paixao, He is from São Paulo. We aslo found out where our Areas were. Then we Just did trainings all Day. Everyone was commenting on how good my Portuguese was (shout out to the awesome teachers at the Provo MTC) But also, I think their expectations were low because they all knew I was from the Provo MTC, and appaently missionaries from the Provo MTC dont usually know Portuguese when they get here.
My área is the city of Quixeromobim and is very special because Elder Paixao and I are the second or third set of Elder to be sent here. It is a brand new área! Were the only missionaries for the entire city which is awesome but difficult because it is not really that small. It is also VERY hot here, and the Sun is merciless. But all the same, its pretty cool. We took a bus out here on Thursday morning and got straight to work. The people here are so receptive, everyone we talked to invited us in to share a message. This is awesome, the only difficult part is getting them to follow up on commitments. We have A LOT of people Who want to be baptized but then nobody came to church on Sunday except for the 12 members we already have here. Thats another intersting part, there is not even a branch here its called a group. All in all Brazil is cool so far, the only downside, other than the heat, hás been the fact that while (to the shock of my friends in the MTC) I really like the food here, It does NOT like me. That and the language is really hard right now because I cannot understand anyone, BUT the fact that I have been given the chance to bring the Love of Christ to a whole city is awesome.
Thats about it for now! I hope you all are well! I miss you all, take care!

Elder Ferrell


I am sorry, I have not yet been able to figure out how to upload pictures, I will try to next week. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Greetings From President & Sister Leite

(Received May 10, 2017)

Dear Ferrell family,

We’re very happy with the arrival of Elder Ferrell. We would like to inform you that in the afternoon yesterday, President and Sister Leite received him at the airport of Fortaleza – CE. Afterwards, he went to the President’s house for a testimony meeting and a dinner.
President and Sister Leite would like to thank you for all the support you have given to him to do this great work. We are sure it will be a great experience.
I would like to share the attached photo of Elder Ferrell.

With love,
Brazil Fortaleza East Mission.

Elder M. Souza
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Elder Ferrell Arrives in Brazil

This is Austin's Mom... I just discovered a mission blog for Austin's mission.  I found a couple of pictures not seen before of the day he arrived in Fortaleza... so here they are.  I'm posting these for the day he arrived, but I actually found them July 3, 2017.

Here is the Blog address, for future reference!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brazil, Here I Come! (Part 2)

More Pictures before I leave the MTC...

8) Irmao Nichols and I

9) Irmao Timmons and I

All the Rest: The Best Zone in the World!​​

Brazil, Here I Come! (Week #6)

Ola Amigos!

I am sending my weekly email early this week because I will be on a plane to Brazil on Monday! 
I do not have very long as they only gave me three hours to do everything I would usually do on my Preparation Days, so time is a bit tight!

My last week at the MTC was pretty nice! It literally flew by! Nothing out of the usual happened except for we were asked to "host" or in other words greet all the new incoming missionaries on Wednesday which was awesome! 

The coolest part about this week in big news was actually that Elder Rasband came to speak to us! He did more of a question and answer thing that was all based on his most recent general conference talk, but it was still Awesome! I cannot believe how blessed I am to have heard from two Apostles and one General 70 while here at the MTC! 

Also, apparently the church did some survey which said that people want to see more of Missionaries Singing in mormon messages, so they filmed the MTC choir this last Tuesday night when we performed for Elder Rasband, and according to my zone I was standing right in that area where the camera would always start zoomed in really close on me and the guy next to me and then slowly zoom out. So I have no idea what it will be used for but keep an eye out for any videos with missionaries singing in them! I'm gonna start changing that reputation of the name Will Ferrell one missionary video at a time!

The hardest part about the week has been saying goodbye to all my Professors here, as there were A LOT who helped teach me. Saying goodbye to the ones who taught me every day was especially hard BUT, that's all part of it, now my job is to make all their time teaching mean something!

To conclude, I want to give everyone some homework! Attached is a link to one of my favorite videos ever. It is the Mormon message that Elder Arnold shared with me when I got to meet him two weeks ago. It just came out this last week, and I would honestly be surprised if you can watch this video without feeling or learning something from it in your life. I challenge everyone to take 6 minutes (its ONLY 6 minutes long!) and watch this video, AND shoot me just a quick email, even if it is just one sentence, about either how you felt, or what you learned from watching it!
I am very eager to hear what you all think of it!

I am so excited to get to Brazil and start showing the people of Brazil how much Jesus Christ, and in turn, I myself, love them!

I love and miss you all! 

Until next Monday!

Elder Ferrell

1) Irmao Machado and I
2) Irmao Lynn and I
3) Irma Jackson and I
4) Irmao Jones and I
5) Irma Guy and I
6) Irmao Davis, Irma Guy, and I
7) Irmao Davis (Served in my exact mission)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week #5 #FOGO

Hello All!

It has been another exciting week here at the Missionary Training Center! I have two main pieces of big news!

One week from today, I will be leaving the MTC and embarking on a day and a half journey to Fortaleza Brazil!! Am I excited? ONLY A LOT!

Second: I Had an incredible opportunity to meet with a general Authority this last Tuesday and it was AWESOME! Let me give you the full story.

Tuesday was already a great day, but it got real when I was in the middle of personal study in my classroom and a random guy popped his head in and said "Elder Ferrell you are meeting with a general authority in 40 minutes, please look your best!" And I was like ummm WHAT!? 
I rushed back to the Residence rooms and got ready and then I was off! I wasn't sure how at the time, but I had been chosen by Elder Arnold of the General 70, to be part of a 10 person focus group made up of missionaries from the MTC here. This was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had here at the MTC.

Elder Arnold greeted each of us personally, and then started by showing a video acting out one of my favorite general conference talks of all time. It was about how someone can teach us how to dance, but it is up to us to hear the music. The video (and this entire experience for that matter) was a pretty slap in the face answer to prayers which was incredible! After showing us the video, Elder Arnold starting telling us what to expect for the devotional that night, and then all of a sudden he turns to the MTC president who had been sitting in with us, and gestures to his talk sitting on the podium in front of him saying "I'm sorry president but this is actually not the talk I am meant to give tonight. I just have a feeling I'm meant to talk about something else. I do not know what that is yet, but I know it isn't this" 
It was honestly so cool and we all felt the spirit so strongly! 
After the meeting they all left us to ponder things for a while, and then Afterwards I remember sitting through dinner not wanting to talk to anyone because I was afraid of losing the spirit. That night I borrowed a suit from Elder Jung (Which fit supprisingly well minus being a few inches too short in the pants) and I was off!
I did not end up being one of the few Elder Arnold Called on to speak, which was just fine, because I am not even sure I would have been able to say anything if he had. His wife gave a very powerful talk herself, and then His talk was just incredible. He still used the same video, but then spent the rest of the time teaching us about what we can do to help people hear the music of the gospel if they want to. It was a truly powerful experience. 
It is interesting because through everything that I went through before actually entering the MTC (Breaking 2 limbs, etc) I always told everyone, and was told by many, that it was all for a reason. Already here in the MTC I have been able to see this as every powerful experience that has happened here was one that happened because the timing was right, and would not have happened if I had come into the MTC in October.
Crazy Stuff!

As to the Rest of the week, Wednesday our zone helped host new missionaries which was pretty cool! I hosted some guy going to Louisville Kentucky and congradulated him on getting a foreign call. Thursday was uneventful, and then Friday was kinda sad because one of my two main teachers, Irma (Sister) Jolley left to go to Chicago for the summer. That was a bummer she was an awesome teacher! But my day quickly got turned around because that night when I went to check the mail I was rewarded with my visa then Saturday was Elder Jungs Last day here before entering the field, which was a bummmerr! But he is going to do so great in Japan! 

So all in all a fantastic week! And man is this email long! This will not be the case out in the Field, the nicest thing about the MTC is we have all day to Email on PDays and don't really have anything else to do, so if my weekly emails become significantly shorter all of a sudden, I apologize!

I do want to end with a thought from sister Arnolds Talk last Tuesday:
What is Phototropism? 
Phototropism is a natural phenomenon in nature. It is when a plant can sense the light nearby, and grows towards that light in order to receive more nourishment. 
Each of us in our lives are also Phototropic. In general, we tend to seek out the good and gravitate towards it. This is a natural ability given to all of us through the light of Christ which we all posses. Even though this is a natural instinct, we can often allow negative and distracting aspects of today's world prevent our growth. Through doing this, we keep ourselves in the dark.

I encourage and challenge everyone to continue seeking out the good and continue to grow towards the light in your lives. I also strongly recommend everyone read the talk "The Music of the Gospel", and find some way to help yourselves hear the music a little better in your own life.

I love you all and miss you tons! 

Elder Ferrell

1) The 10 missionaries and Elder Arnold from Tuesday Night ( Not happy that you can barely see me but its ok haha)
2) The Boys and I "Suited Up!" for the Devotional (me wearing Elder Jung's suit)
3) President and Sister Dansie and I on the Temple Walk Yesterday
4) Irma Jolley and I on her last day teaching here