Serving in the Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Brazil, Fortaleza East Mission

Monday, July 3, 2017

God Bless America (Week #14)

Hello All!
Happy 4th of July! (one day early). The fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays so I wish you all the best! I will start my email this week with my spiritual message rather than end with it. My message this week is very in line with the time of the season. I would like to invite all of you to take a moment tomorrow and read the talk titled Faith, Fairness, and Religious Freedom by Elder Rasband. It is truly inspirational, and gets the ´´I love America´´ Juices flowing! Please remember that we are all truly blessed to have the freedom to decide which path of enlightenment we choose to follow, and we are forever indebted to those who fight for and protect this freedom in any capacity, because without the freedom of religion America would not be anywhere close to what is today.
As for this week, It was rather slow! I am writing you all from Fortaleza once again, as I once again had to travel out here to work on things with my visa. The start of last week was pretty rough because due to a bad headcold I lost my voice entirely. If you think its hard teaching in another language, try whispering your teachings in another language. It was pretty rough. But it brought back good memories of every time my mom lost her voice back home and the whole house would whisper to her to tease her about it. I miss you Mom!
The language is starting to come a lot faster now, although God is always excellent at humbling us when we need it. Last week I was getting more comfortable with the words, and was starting to be able to speak a lot more fluidly, but naturally one thing I did not think of was that my American Accent is very strong. One day we were teaching later in the week once my voice had finally started to return, and I started speaking about the Plan of Salvation when a little girl turned to her mom and asked her if I was speaking in English….nice.
The new elders are great, It is a lot better having other people to talk to after returning home from a long day of teaching, and we are able to help each other a lot more with practicing.
Other than that there was not much news from last week. Here´s to hoping my visa comes through today, and here is to wishing you all a Happy 4th, and America a Happy Birthday!
Love you all,
Elder Ferrell

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